Our Story - How the Medici Institute happened

For over 13 years we have been evangelizing the use of balanced scorecards methodology for use in governments at the State and Central levels. We have been meeting up with chief ministers, prime minister, planning commission chief, finance ministers, and others in driving this idea for better accountability and policy deployment. Our research findings indicated that so far not a single government at he State or Central level had been able to implement not even 75% of the promises. Just as in the corporate sector where 9 out of 10 companies fail in executing strategy, in the government sector virtually none of the governments had been successful in implementing their mission fully!

While we have been meeting with various Union Ministers, one of our founders wanted to meet the then President the late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Although he had given only 30 minutes of his time one fine Tuesday morning, the meeting went up to 90 minutes where he wanted to go through the entire presentation with his characteristic questioning mode. The amazing statesman that he was, he showed tremendous interest in driving this and did advised us against meeting up the PM, but advised to find a willing ministry that might want to pilot the idea. He had insisted on going through the entire presentation at his RashtrapatiBhawan office despite his busy schedule as the president of India and stressed upon that fact that his Vision 2020 will never be a reality without meticulous execution of the dream.

We then went on to find that willing minister in the late Shri PM Sayeed in UPA1, who was the then union cabinet minister for power. He had agreed to pilot the idea and we were about to kickstart the project as a consulting firm when his untimely death happened in S.Korea. The relationship with PrezKalam continued from that first meeting till his sad demise in 2015.

Congress Deputy Chief Rahul Gandhi was very keen to adopt such a framework for driving Congress ranks and leadership and he in fact wanted us to meet up with his trusted colleagues Jayaram Ramesh and SalamanKhurshid, and wanted to read more about the framework. We had sent him a set of all the books of Kaplan and Norton for his perusal but that was the end of the story in terms of moving the idea forward. Subsequent attempts to reach him in driving the leadership and execution capabilities across the ranks failed as he got busy with firefighting other things.

We also decided to move this intervention beyond the normal consulting plan and decided to have a not for profit organization to drive the social change. That way we hoped to do the good work at cost basis saving governments lot of taxpayer money by keeping big consulting firms at bay.

Now we are ready and raring to go. We have many experienced corporate professionals ready to join hands to give back to the society and be part of a movement that will take India to a super power soon.