Why Medici Institute?

  • Founders have over 25 years of research, application and execution of best practices in management across the globe.
  • Partnerships with global thought leaders.
  • Partnerships with other think-tanks such as the Municipal Alliance.
  • A deep passion to make a difference to the Indian social scenario.
  • A self-less, contributory mindset.
  • A section 25, not-for-profit company.


All stakeholders gain to benefit through our mission-focussed approach

How do Municipalities and Social Government stand to benefit?

  • Time-tested methodologies to manage execution
  • A reliable partner, genuinely interested in driving change
  • High degree of transparency and accountability across all the levels of Government
  • Alignment across stake holders
  • Increased creativity and unexpected ideas
  • A comprehensive picture of all initiatives and activities as a dashboard
  • Maximized Cooperation – All stake holders focused on helping one another succeed
  • Innovative approaches to solve social problems and drive social change
  • Differentiation of the Government brought out explicitly and nurtured
  • A highly respectable public image

How does Society benefit?

  • Faster implementation of socially useful initiatives with high quality
  • Effective utilization of public money
  • Enhanced standard of social living
  • Visibility of the progress of major objectives
  • Accountability and transparency of the Government
  • An opportunity to contribute