Why Medici Institute?

  • A section 25 not-for-profit company with the sole purpose of driving mission-focused governments.
  • Inspired and mentored by the late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • Believe that governments must spend less to deliver more.
  • Ability to mobilise local talent from the private and public sector to join hands in the development agenda.
  • Founders have 25+ years experience in research, application and execution of management best practices across the globe.
  • Partnerships with global thought leaders in management (strategy, strategy execution, innovation, service quality, digitisation, etc).
  • A deep passion to make a difference to the Indian social scenario.
  • Partnerships with other think-tanks such as the Municipal Alliance, City Innovate, Stanford SE Alumni, ClearPoint and so on.


How do Municipalities and Social Government stand to benefit?

All stakeholders gain to benefit through our mission-focussed approach

  • Time-tested methodologies to manage execution
  • A reliable partner, genuinely interested in driving change
  • High degree of transparency and accountability across all the levels of Government
  • Alignment across stake holders
  • Increased creativity and unexpected ideas
  • A comprehensive picture of all initiatives and activities as a dashboard
  • Maximized Cooperation – All stake holders focused on helping one another succeed
  • Innovative approaches to solve social problems and drive social change
  • Differentiation of the Government brought out explicitly and nurtured
  • A highly respectable public image

How does Society benefit?

  • Faster implementation of socially useful initiatives with high quality
  • Effective utilization of public money
  • Enhanced standard of social living
  • Visibility of the progress of major objectives
  • Accountability and transparency of the Government
  • An opportunity to contribute