Why do we exist

(Government) Organizational Transformation -> Social Transformation

We exist to bring about dramatic changes in the way Government organizations are managed. If these organizations start functioning as world-class organizations with the global best practices in management, the effectiveness with which they will drive social change will be phenomenally high. It will bring in far more transparency and accountability in the system. Through this, they will be able to leverage diverse perspectives to create unconventional solutions. The leaders of such organizations will be role models and inspirations to many others who will be stimulated to contribute towards a wide variety of social causes.

During our work for several years with business houses helping them implement strategy and strategy management frameworks; we could see that a substantial number of breakthroughs and successes happen by altering the way organizations were managed. The impact of effective leadership and management in an organization was profound. It face-lifted the organization, altered its culture, and at times even changed its entire identity.

The idea is to bring about social change by helping social organizations manage themselves effectively, and make them more innovative and hence effective. That is the purpose of “The Medici Institute”. We aspire to see a completely transformed India by deploying the globally established management tools in Government and Social organizations. Whatever be the object of the organization, our mission is to co-create the change along with them by enabling them with the right management tools.