Our Philosophy

We have been working with corporates for almost three decades now, and never has INNOVATION been more successful and accepted in corporate strategy than now. It is, today, accepted as the single most powerful tool to effect change. However, its success rests on complementing it with VISION, MISSION AND STRATEGY EXECUTION under able LEADERSHIP. And this is the wheel that Late Dr. Kalam wanted to set in motion when he green-lighted our idea.

In our decades-long association with business houses globally, helping them implement strategy and strategy management frameworks, we could see that a substantial number of breakthroughs and successes happen by altering the way organizations were managed. The impact of effective leadership and management in an organization has always been profound. It face-lifts the organization, alters its culture, and at times even changes its entire identity.

The Medici Institute was formed with the vision to deploy the principles of professionally managed enterprises in Government organisations. We believe that when these organisations start functioning as world-class entities with a clear view of their goals, social change can be effected.

We believe that social change can be brought about when municipalities and social organisations are able to perform to their full potential. Be it outlining their mission, innovatively addressing a challenge, setting realistic goals and achieving them within the tenure, or galvanizing people to be part of the process – these are means to an end that is achievable through dedication and discipline.

How do we do this?

  • Educate Government Organizations (starting at the level of municipalities) on best practices in management of social enterprises
  • Actively engage with these organizations to help implement these practices and adopt them to suit the socio-political and cultural context that prevails
  • Inspire experts and knowledgeable individuals across the country to contribute towards this cause – voluntarily and professionally
  • Scale-up by leveraging the contributory aspirations and professional services of such individuals to build a large scale movement