Citizen Centric Innovation

Most organizations are fraught by several challenges such as budgets and diversity of people to hamper any change-making process. However, we work with you to identify avenues of bringing about change by using barriers to our advantage.

Medici Lab

Medici Lab for Government/Social Organisation

Medici Institute will set up a Medici Lab at the organisation to solve problems innovatively. This Lab in partnership with the best thought leaders will facilitate creativity, problem solving, better productivity, process improvements, citizen centricity, and risk taking amongst government employees in Kerala

Target Audience

Senior officials who may want to solve a problem or improve a process or innovate a new way to doing things.

Constituent Structure of the lab

The lab will run participative programs around the following formats :

  • Workshops : Interactive workshops for participants on mission execution, productivity improvement, risk taking, innovative and creative thinking, risk taking, teamwork and leadership
  • Problem Solving work-outs : 1 or 2 day work-out sessions in which participants will come with a specific problem that they face and go back with multiple solutions with experts who are relevant to the issue at hand.
  • Immersion programmes : Participants will be taken to other places (governments or private enterprises that are relevant) to experience how they may look at overcoming road blocks and create an environment of continual innovation.
  • Coaching : The Medici Lab will coach the participants by making them work on live projects and initiatives in the above areas
  • Train the trainer : Training to IMG faculty to start delivering in this model
  • Eventually he Lab can be opened up for all to test concepts, get ideas and execution at a charge if it is from private and commercial enterprises. This can become a model for other states/organisations to emulate.
  • The lab is based on the Stanford model and also Frans Johansson of Medici Institute. We can indeed get Frans to come in for the inaugural session or setting up of the lab.

Benefits to the Govt/Social Organisation and its patrons

  • Innovative ways of engagement
  • Result-oriented approach as against just a generic training, which in most cases become a paid holiday
  • Experiential nature, which will increase the interest levels and application
  • Solutions to actual problems on hand
  • Follow through by support during implementation and not just a one-time engagement
  • Leverages the diversity that already exists in the organisations